top 20 questions about 2016! go! um… who are you? i am dr. brooke miller, and i’m joiningali as a co-host on the psych show.


psychtoday, i have a phd in developmental psychology fromthe university of texas at austin. so your patients are children? actually, no. i don’t have any patients.

i am an experimental psychologist, which meansthat i study cognitive psychology and social psychology in typically developing children. i research people’s beliefs about the world,and how they impact their choices and actions. things like: why do people take a trip tosee something in a museum when they could easily look it up on google? or, why do we treasure objects from our childhood? why does your voice sound familiar? i made lots of videos about psychology forkhan academy a few years back i also give a lot of lectures every year about how touse technology like youtube in the classroom.

read any good books lately? um, i didn’t really allow myself to readany books while i was writing my dissertation but now that that’s done i have so manyon deck! i am currently reading the new jim crow, aboutracism and incarceration in the us. next up is grit, by dr. angela duckworth. what's your favorite research from 2016? caffeine warding off dementia. seen any good movies? i really, really loved the ghostbusters reboot!

what about tv shows? oh man. i just finished watching game of thrones andit was super amazing and intense. i know, i’m behind on this, but again iwas in a dissertation pop culture black hole for a few years. i also really loved stranger things. i really enjoyed how they paid homage to spielbergand 80s films without resorting to re-making them. it was the perfect mix of nostalgia and somethingnew.

i also really loved miss fishers murder mysteriesand the great british bake-off. what about that gilmore girls? never actually seen it. should i? what have you been listening to? i’m a fan of anything new that is danceable. i am also super interested in broadway andmusical theater. right now i’m listening to hamilton andfun home….nonstop. and i’m always impressed with amanda palmer- her openness and the insights that she has

into her own life are extremely moving. any thoughts on the presidential election? pause for visual humor. reach down and take a wine bottle, drink directlyfrom it. ali yells from the side: “it’s 10am”. shoot extra footage of me spitting it outand talking about how wine and toothpaste are not a good combination- far worse thanorange juice and toothpaste. include footage at the end of the video asa ‘behind the scenes’ section so the audience can see/hear us laughing together.

did you get any cool gifts? cool things to put my succulents in! cactus clock! this amazing image of me living in a succulentdrawn by one of my favorite comic artists- li from extra-ordinary. you might be sensing a bit of a theme here. what's the most exciting technology you sawin 2016? my husband got a pretty sweet drone. and a friend of mine helped make a reallyneat game for the playstation vr called super

hyper cube. that was really impressive favorite youtubevideos? i work for a cool medical education start-upchannel called osmosis and they make some really great videos. i also spend a lot of time watching clipsfrom full frontal with samantha bee.. what did you think of rogue one didn’t likeit. they tried to cram in too much, and i didn’treally need to see another film about a character defined by their relationship with their father. saddest moment in 2016?

aleppo, i’ve been following some of thetwitter accounts of people who are on the ground, like bana, and they are truly heartbreaking. in america- it’s the increase in vitrioland even outright violence against women and people of minority status. what about your happiest moment? getting my phd!!!!!! what about pokemon go? team mystic, level 27. what are you looking forward to in 2017?

i have hamilton tickets!!!!! they were a gift from my amazing sister andwhen she gave them to me, i actually cried. aside from that, i would honestly say- this! i’ve done a lot of work with educationalvideo before but it has all been whiteboard or blackboard style content. i am really looking forward to making thesevideos, learning new skills, and getting to know all of you. any new year’s resolutions? 2017: pet more dogs!

seriously though, this could be a challengingyear, so this is really a reminder that i should engage in self care. what’s next for the psych show? lots more content about new psychology experiments,mental health, demos, we have so many things in store for you! join me in welcoming brooke to the channel. and let us know if you have any more questionsabout the psych show 2.0! tell us know in the comments below! be sure to follow @thepsychshow on socialmedia and to automatically get new videos

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